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BTL Vanquish Me


BTL VANQUISH ME is a radiofrequency treatment that reduces the circumference of your abdominal area and/or your inner and outer thighs. The energy emitted by BTL VANQUISH ME disturbs fat cells in treatment areas so they can’t survive. The cells shrink and are eliminated by your body’s natural waste removal processes.

The radiofrequency energy penetrates your outer layer of skin to reach the fat beneath, but doesn’t harm your skin.


Sessions with BTL VANQUISH ME are well-tolerated by most patients. It feels much like lying out in the sun on a warm day or sitting on a heating pad. Many patients describe the sensations as a pleasant warmth. It is not painful to receive treatments.

You may have temporary inflammation of the treated areas immediately following BTL VANQUISH ME treatments, but the redness and firmness fade quickly.

How many treatments will I need?

You see optimal results in a fat loss when you experience a series of four, 45-minute sessions spaced about one week apart. Results may take several weeks to appear as your body evacuates the disrupted fat cells.

Who is a good candidate for BTL VANQUISH ME treatments?

Men and women who wish to decrease the circumference of their abdomen and thighs without invasive surgery benefit from BTL VANQUISH ME treatments.

You benefit most if you’re near your healthy weight, but have just a bit of excess fat. The treatment is not designed for comprehensive weight loss. The radiofrequency energy doesn’t penetrate below your muscles to target visceral fat in your belly – the type that creates a protruding belly and wraps around your internal organs.

How long do the results of BTL VANQUISH ME last?

Results are permanent. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate or plump back up. You do need to maintain a healthy diet and physical activity routine, however. If you gain weight, nontreated fat cells can still swell.

To learn how you can achieve a slimmer look with BTL VANQUISH ME, call Island Lotus Health & Wellness or book an appointment using the online agent.

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