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We get it, who doesn’t love the sun and beaches here in Southeast Georgia?  And despite your best intentions, we can’t always be perfect with sunscreen leaving you vulnerable to UV rays. But skin discolorations are oftentimes caused by other issues as well, such as hormones, stress, and chronic inflammation. Come in and get a custom treatment plan to reduce or even clear the signs of sun damage and the redness of rosacea.  

Your Solution May Include: 


PCA Skin Care has been a leading innovator in the industry, was developed by a physician, and has consistently adhered to their results-oriented, founding principles for 30 years. Their tried and true approach to skincare development continues to consistently deliver their promises and expectations.  We are proud to partner with PCA Skin and pass the skincare solutions on to you through in-house treatments, and our extensive line of retail products to tailor a home regimen to provide maximum results, and the overall health of your skin.


Visibly improved, radiant, healthy looking skin is what LightStim is all about.

LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology simultaneously emits multiple wavelengths (colors) of light. These wavelengths of light work together to give your skin a more radiant and youthful appearance


A nasty hangover, fatigue after a long week, or exhaustion after a strenuous workout may seem like unavoidable hurdles of life, but there’s an easy way to get the boost that you need to keep yourself productive and energetic. Island Lotus Health & Wellness in Brunswick, Georgia, offers Vitamindrip® IV therapy to fix the deficiency of nutrients or vitamins that’s keeping you down. 

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Keep up your beautiful results at home with our selection of skincare products.   We can help you choose the best ones for you.


A combination of micro-needling with PRP (your own platelet-rich plasma), which is micro needled into the skin, initializing a localized growth cell response. This process produces amazing, rejuvenating skin benefits, which continue to intensify, from months to years, after your first treatment. Downtime is very low with this procedure.


Microneedling is a safe and minimally invasive procedure that can make your skin healthier, firmer, and more supple after just one session. At Lotus Health MedSpa & wellness Center in Brunswick GA, trained aesthetician, RN or Nurse Practitioner performs microneedling to help her patients. Microneedling can help improve textural irregularities and hyperpigmentation on the face, hands, neck, chest, and other regions. To determine if this procedure is the right option for you, call Lotus Health MedSpa & wellness Center or book a consultation online today.


brow, lip, chin*additional waxing services available by request.

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