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The InMode Triton/DiolazeXL device is designed to deliver optical energy to the skin via a pre-cooled sapphire block. Good optical contact between the sapphire block and the skin is achieved by using water-based gel. The device provides individual adjustment of light fluence and pulse duration to achieve maximum efficiency and safety for each patient. The handpiece has integrated skin cooling to enhance the safety and comfort of the treatment.

Treatment Areas

  • On the face and neck avoid villous fuzzy hair. Treatment may result in bio-stimulation of hair growth of a coarser and darker type.

  • Do not treat the upper eyelids and the lips.

  • Do not treat over tattoo or permanent make-up.

  • Tanned areas are contraindicated.


  • Avoid any tanning type 3-4 weeks before treatment, or use at least 30 SPF sunblock.

  • Avoid irritant topical agents for 2-3 days before treatment.

  • If medically permitted, avoid anticoagulants for 7-10 days before treatment.

  • Shave hair and remove shaved hair and ensure that skin is clean.

  • Clean handpiece tip with alcohol 70%.

  • Apply a thin layer of water-based gel (~1mm) to the treated area.

  • Perform test spots at lower fluences in Strong Cooling and wait a few minutes for a response, with a longer time on darker skin. For skin types V-VI wait 2 days before proceeding treatment on full area.

  • After test spots, some patients may not show any immediate response and another test may be attempted cautiously, on light skin only, with Normal Cooling.

Treatment Procedure

  • Apply the handpiece to the treated area ensuring full contact with strong pressure and activate the trigger button. Lasing is apparent by blue light running along a slit in the handpiece and by an audio signal.

  • First press the foot switch and then the hand trigger to activate the laser. Keep the foot switch depressed along with treatment. In a continuous mode add a constant hand trigger pressure and in a single mode press and release the hand trigger.

  • In a continuous mode-slide the hand pieceto adjacent area with minimal light-guide overlap. Choose Auto-Repeat Normal or Fast Mode according to the speed of your hand movement.

  • In a single mode (AutoRepeat Off) move the handpiece by stamping with minimal light-guide overlap.

  • Change handpiece position to ensure full contact with the skin on highly contoured areas, such as shin.

  • When using the Glide mode on light skin only (I-IV), move the handpiece as fast as possible and repeat passes on the same area, preferably by changing the handpiece position. Stop when you see immediate redness and follicular response, or when the patient experiences discomfort, with an average number of 6 passes, depending on area size.

  • End-points are: - Perifollicular erythema and edema, which are more apparent on light skin. - Burnt hair smell. - Hair is pulled out easily by tweezers.

  • If end-points are not obvious, mainly with light and fine hair or very deep and coarse hair, perform another pass, preferably in a different direction after a few minutes, when general erythema subsides.

Treatment Schedule

  • The number of treatments is typically varied from 4-10 sessions every 4-8 weeks. As treatment proceeds, the intervals become longer.

  • There are longer intervals for body hair (6-8 weeks) than for facial hair (4-6 weeks) in the first 3 sessions. In subsequent sessions, the intervals on the face may increase to 8 weeks and on the body to 10-12. Legs may require 15-week intervals.

  • Lighter and deeper hairs, as well as hormonally controlled areas, such as the chin, are more resistant and may require more treatment sessions.

  • The best timing for additional sessions is when hair regrowth is observed.

  • Touch-up treatment sessions may be needed for sporadic new hair growth due to individual physiological processes.

Post-treatment Recommendations

  • Sun block should be used for 3 weeks following the treatment and 3 weeks preceding the next session.

  • Moisturizer may be applied after each treatment.

  • Make-up may be applied immediately after facial treatment if the skin is intact

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