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LightStim® LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a great treatment alone or added to any facial. The amount of treatments varies by the skin condition, however, a series is recommended to achieve the desired results. When added on to facial treatments such as Microneedling or VIPeel it can amplify results. When added to injectable treatments such as Dermal Filler it can help reduce bruising and swelling.

Two different colors of LED Lights are offered at Lotus Health Medspa – Red or Blue.

Red Light: Red LED Light Therapy is known for its undeniable restorative benefits. Its benefits can range anywhere from anti-aging, hair loss prevention and regrowth, skin conditions, wound care, pain relief, and much more. The red light penetrates superficially, addressing many surfaces or near-surface imperfections and conditions.

Blue Light: Blue light is incredibly beneficial in reducing the presence of bacteria. This light also causes the oil glands to shrink in size. Due to its bacteria-killing properties, blue light is particularly amazing for people who struggle with acne. It decreases the inflammation associated with red pimples, shrinks pores size, and makes you produce less oil. Leading to smooth, clear, and glowing skin!

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