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GainsWave... What is it?

If you're one of the 50% of men over 50 who suffer from mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction (ED), it's important to know that you now have more options than just a little blue pill. Here at Island Lotus Health & Wellness, we offer an innovative system that doesn't involve pills, shots, or surgery. This non-invasive treatment for ED has shown to restore blood flow to the penis, improving penile function and making erections harder, stronger, and sustainable.

GAINSWave™ therapy stimulates the production of your body's growth factors, which work to restore, repair, and replace damaged penile blood vessels. With pulsed acoustical wave technology, you can finally enjoy the sexual pleasure you once did without worrying about taking a pill or what's going to happen if your erection lasts longer than four hours.

GAINSWave™ fixes the underlying causes of ED.

Unlike ED prescription medications, which treat the symptoms of ED, GAINSWave™ addresses the underlying issues causing your difficulty with erections -- and fixes them. As you age, the blood vessels in the penis age as well. And like the blood vessels around the heart and elsewhere in the body, they become weak, lined in plaque, and may even collapse, restricting blood flow to the penis and making erections difficult.

As this occurs, the vessels' function declines, causing a decrease in blood flow that results in a lack of erectile sensitivity and sustainability. As if that weren't enough, reaching orgasm becomes difficult and the refractory period between episodes of sexual activity significantly lengthens.

Oral medications offer a temporary solution by relaxing the muscles in the blood vessels' walls, allowing more blood to flow to the penis. And while it may address your symptoms (lack of being able to maintain an erection or reach orgasm), it doesn't do anything to fix the blood vessels or the ED.

GAINSWave™, on the other hand, heals the blood vessels and stimulates the body's own regenerative ability to build new blood vessels, improving blood flow into the penis and eliminating erectile dysfunction and its symptoms.

GAINSWave™ uses innovative technology.

GAINSWave™ uses the energy created by acoustic waves to stimulate the body's production of growth factors, including stem cells, and draw them to the damaged penile blood vessels. These growth factors work to repair damaged tissue, replace collapsed blood vessels, and rejuvenate penile tissues.

Through a series of 6-12 treatment sessions, each lasting 15-20 minutes, your blood flow is restored, and your erectile function returns. After you've completed the whole treatment series, you may experience:

  • Harder erections

  • Longer-lasting erections

  • Spontaneous erections

  • More penile sensitivity

  • Shorter refractory period

  • Improved sexual performance

And unlike the pharmaceuticals, the results you experience with GAINSWave™ are long-lasting, with most patients seeing full improvement for at least two years.

GAINSWave™ isn't just for ED.

As you age, you may notice that, even if you don't have ED, you've still lost vitality in the bedroom. Your erections may not be as full. It may take longer to reach orgasm. And now your recovery period is so long; you can't even think about being intimate twice in the same day.

While these are expected sexual side effects of aging, they no longer have to be. GAINSWave™ treatments are available to men without ED who still want to revitalize their erections and reach optimal sexual performance.

If you're having trouble in the bedroom, don't let it make you feel like less of a man. Come in to talk to Dr. Lucas about GAINSWave™ treatment and what it can do for you. Call our office in Brunswick, Georgia, or click the button.

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