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Here's How You Can Get Rid of Spider Veins

Are you tired of wearing long pants and caking on cosmetics to hide the appearance of spider veins?

Over 40 percent of women have some form of spider or varicose veins, which typically increases with age. Men can also get spider veins, but it's slightly less common and usually appears around the nose. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to get spider veins in their legs.

At Lotus Health & Wellness in Brunswick, GA, Serena Skinner provide painless treatment for spider veins using the CynosureⓇ Icon™ laser platform. This non-invasive, painless method removes weblike patterns under the skin to improve the appearance.

Spider veins vs. varicose veins

Spider veins appear when capillaries, the smallest blood vessels in the body, begin to show through the skin. This is due to a slight enlargement of the veins supplying them with blood. The veins themselves have tiny, one-way valves through which blood circulates. If the valves fail, the blood gets trapped and pools up, eventually causing bulging varicose veins.

Spider veins themselves are not dangerous, merely unsightly, especially when seen on the face and lower legs. However, varicose veins can be a cause for concern. They can lead to an increased risk of pulmonary thrombosis, a life-threatening condition.

Treatment for spider veins

Laser therapy for spider veins is exceptionally effective. At Island Lotus Health & Wellness, our doctors will use the Icon™ laser to direct targeted bursts of light at the spider veins. This process is safe and only takes about thirty minutes per area treated.

The blue, red, and purple pigment absorb the light, causing the tiny veins to heat up, shrink, and collapse. With blood supplies cut off, the body sees the vein as waste material and is slowly cleared away by the body's natural flushing process.

Most people need one to three treatments to eradicate spider veins completely. Each treatment takes a few weeks for full effects to be visible. The treatment itself only causes a slight warming sensation, and you can return to regular activity immediately.

You shouldn't take any aspirin or blood thinners before or after treatment. You'll also need to avoid the sun, tanning beds, and chemical peels. Your doctor may want you to wear compression stockings for a few days or a week after treatment.

Are you interested in getting rid of spider veins for good? You can visit us online, book an appointment using our convenient scheduling system, or call our office today at 912-200-5045.

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